3UFirst FPC is a flexible purpose corporation, which means, we're a for profit company, that has a nonprofit purpose as well. That purpose is ending the major problems within the African American community, focusing on: unemployment, wealth creation, sponsoring, and funding the most successful underfunded programs across the country, solving the other problems in the community. In addition, giving back 50% of the net profits from the money you’re already spending while shopping online for your favorite name brand products and services, so there’s no extra cost, and eventually at a lower cost.

This will bring billions back to you, your family, and our community, for free because you're already spending this money. Starting in 3 phases, The first being the startup phase which consist of promoting, raising capital, and growing revenues. Phase two as a reseller/dealer, partner, and creating the companies own products and services. We’ll also create a plan where you can save, raise, and make money from the revenues of Black consumers buying products and services they're already buying, just buying them through our site and the google search box on the site. The last phase is taking the company public, to potentially create wealth by investing in the company.

We show Black consumers that they can end the major problems in the Black community, using the money they’re already spending. Starting in 2019, our goal is to have an event every February, in order to showcase, award, and fund the best programs locally and across the country. These awards will go to the best programs in the areas of: education, re-education, health, legal, entrepreneurship, technology, art, and family. Now that you know what we’re doing with your money, make 3UFirst your favorite place to search and shop for your favorite name brand products and services and tell your family and friends to do the same. Like us on facebook and tweet about us. Add 3ufirst.com to your desktop and favorites, to make it easy to use everyday.

Terrance Amen, aka Terrance Heyward is founder and CEO of 3UFirst FPC, and author of, Black Unity: The Total Solution to financial Independence and Happiness. This is where the idea to start the company came from and goes into more details about helping the Black community become the best we can be; in all areas of our lives. For more details about the book, click on Black businesses. The goal of 3UFirst is to end the major problems within the Black community, while becoming the first African American controlled fortune 100 company.